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TW: omega by etheralvalkyrie TW: omega by etheralvalkyrie
ayyyy lmao

Alias: Omega Ω | Age: 20 | Gender: Female | H/W: 5'3'' - 150lbs | Faction: Bakainu | Rank: FFF

⇺ Occupation:
Day: Fashion Blogger |  Night: Drug Producer (drug lord, if anything) |

⇺ Rank:

⇺ Weapon: 
Swiss Army Knife // Two BB Guns

⇺ Why did you join the faction?
Blue is her favorite color.

⇺ Personality:
"You mean before or after this extreme make over?"

Omega's demeanor changes based on what she's doing and what time of the day it is. During the day, she's the sweet, cute, and energetic fashion blogger. She's well known for her topics on of course, fashion, as well as make-up and other things along that line. She's pretty polite and considerate, especially with her fans around. During the night is another story. She's seen as a serious, calculating, and almost cold person, taking her business very seriously. Although she may seem brash and unapproachable at night, she's willing to talk to just about anyone and make deals with him. Her daytime kindness often carries over to her nightly business.

⇺ Wish:
To be the the most prettiest, popular talented girl around.

⇺ Was your dying wish worth it?

⇺ Name before death:
Ueno, Hisako

⇺ Biography:
Growing up, Hisako had been an average girl. However, compared to her older sister, she was plain and not as exciting. The majority of her life, she lived in her older sister's shadow. While her older sister was beautiful, tall, full-figured and outgoing, Hisako was skinny, had short hair, and was of course, short herself. It wasn't a very fun existence, as she would often wish she were her older sister or as pretty as her. 

Through elementary school, no one really bugged her about it. Although her sister wasn't the smartest, Hisako made up for this by doing excellent on all her tests and assignments. This made her parents proud of course, however, her older sister still rose above Hisako. Her older sister, Miwako, was a talented actress and did exceptionally well in the art department at her school, along with other subjects, such as writing and English.

Once in middle school, Hisako decided she'd try and change herself. She would ask her sister to style her hair and pick out her outfits, which went somewhat well. Hisako didn't have many friends, but felt somewhat confident, since her sister dressed her and did her hair. Towards the end of middle school, Hisako worked her hardest to get into a decent high school, despite the lack of friends and family's praise. At this point, she had become used to her work going unnoticed, as well as herself.

Getting into a prestigious high school, her parents were extremely proud of Hisako. Hisako had then worked up the courage to be more like her sister and instead, dress herself and do her own hair, her style and inspiration being based off her older sister. In high school, Hisako had her sights on the University of Tokyo, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. She wanted to study science and medicines, while her sister wanted to study art and drama.

Deeper in her career in high school, Hisako worked hard, studied hard, and had excellent marks, to which her parents would respond with small, measly compliments. This often discouraged her and eventually brought on a deep depression, which of course, her parents didn't notice. 

One summer, at the end of another school year, when Hisako was around 16, she applied for an internship at the University of Tokyo to study medicines over the summer. Upon telling them, her parents silenced her and sat her down, telling her that older sister would be leaving them soon. Waiting for the worst news possible, she was informed her sister had been accepted into the University of Tokyo and that they'd be celebrating. Happy for her older sister, she still tried to make it a point that she was doing a summer program there. However, of course, her parents dismissed it and focused on her older sister.

Over the summer, during dinner one night, her father looked to her and said, "Why can't you be more like Miwako?". Hisako then left dinner and returned to her room for the evening. Her jealousy and hate for her sister, as well as her depression, all mixed in, causing her to cry herself to sleep that night. A few days later, after skipping various meals and avoiding any type of social interaction, Hisako took a trip into the city and found the nearest building, sitting amongst it for several hours.

There, she found herself rethinking her life. She often thought of how much more prettier, talented, and popular her sister was. She noticed her sister had the best figure, cleanest complexion, best talents, and she even had a cool, boyfriend. And of course, she had the affection and praise of her parents. 

Standing over the edge, she watched the city go by. Several voices in her head asked her over and over "What would you do to be more like Miwako? Kill someone? Give your life?"
And without hesitation, Hisako threw herself off the building, wishing that she could be more like her older sister.

Maybe then she'd be noticed.

⇺ Likes / Dislikes:
✔ manicures
✔ eating out (sushi preferably)
✔ documentaries
✔  green tea
✔  her job of course

✘ deals that fall through
✘ chipped / broken nails
✘ split ends
✘ gasoline
✘ authority (the law specifically)

⇺ Misc:

★ omega constantly worries about being the youngest drug lord in the area. it's probably why no one really takes her seriously.
★ she doesn't hesitate when it comes to killing now. especially when stupid people fall through on their deals. or betray the cartel. like, don't do that.
★ although she has weak weapons, she has trusted bodyguards to protect her if needed.
★ this is literally the best job ever. 

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