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cape issues: miss seer by etheralvalkyrie cape issues: miss seer by etheralvalkyrie
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“Being a hero is fantastic! If you don't have super powers, I say you get some now!"

name: Esperanza Johnson-Medina ( parents never married )

nicknames: Red, Esp, Medina, Chica

alias: miss seer

sex/gender:  Female

age: 21

date of birth: August 21st

ethnicity: Biracial ( African-American / Latina )

height: 5 ft 0

orientation: pansexual

occupation: assistant

team: beta


Psychic Constructs - Esperanza has the ability to create almost anything from her mind. Using her psychic energy, she creates the smallest to the biggest things, such as a pencil to a steamroller. Her creations are based off what’s truly needed (or wanted) at the moment, as well as what seems appropriate for her current situation. With this ability, she often time creates an armor for herself or large boxing gloves, using these as weapons and defensive mechanisms. At times, whenever her powers are in full swing, she can use her psychic energy to create animals (mainly dragons, her favorite) to do her fighting for her. The animals are a defense mechanism at most times. This is a rare instance for her.

However, she prefers to stick with long, extended hands, which gives her the means to catch, throw, or do whatever else with her extra “hands”.  When she’s not using her psychic energy for combat, she often uses it everyday for simple tasks, such as cleaning and studying. Her extra “hands” and psychic armor are constants that are used in combat.


    ( tl;dr, she’s basically a green lantern w/o the ring and green stuff. )

Strengths (of psychic ability)

> Psychic communication: Because of her psychic ability, she has the means to communicate mentally with others. However, she can easily block or be blocked from someone as well. Her communication is able to reach within a five mile radius. Additionally, she can see a few days into the future and read minds, but only with the permission of the person (ex: “hey, ____. can i read your mind for a sec?” “No.” “oh okay.”)

Weaknesses (of psychic ability)

> Lack of focus/concentration: When using her powers, it is extremely easy to startle and throw her off. For example, while her powers are in use (or being summoned), the smallest or sudden touch, sound, or event can easily throw her off and cause her powers to return inside of her. This is not a good idea, please tell her you’re doing something before you do it so she can prepare herself. 

> Blocking: Although she can communicate with others mentally, blocking her out is the worst thing to do. Blocking your thoughts sends a wave of negative vibes back into her head, causing her migraines and headaches that can last for a few 30 minutes to an hour, making her powers almost useless until she’s over it. Additionally, if she uses her powers for an extended period of time, her eyes, ears, and nose begin to bleed.

Flight: Because of her psychic energy, she’s gained the ability to fly. She can float in midair, soar, or do whatever it is that requires her to be off her own two feet. Since her psychic conducts already drains her mentally and physically, she prefers to just float in the air while using her constructs rather than fly around.

personality: All in all, Esperanza is a fairly optimistic person, despite constant setbacks in her life, such as bullying and being able to fully understand her powers. Despite this, she's an eager person, willing to learn new things with an open mind. She takes pleasure life however, enjoying it for what it is and taking a bad experience and turning it into a good one to the best of her ability. She is constantly known for her helpful, determined attitude. As a teaching assistant, she's eager to teach and help her students, pushing them towards success and making them see what they're truly capable of. Because of this, she has a maternal side towards her students, often feeling over protective and a bit worried over them. This is an advantage to her, however, making her more understanding of her students and giving her a better chance to help them.

She's cheerful, sweet, and considerate, often thinking of others and putting friends, family, and students before her own needs and well-being. As long as they're safe and content, she feels the same. Esperanza is known for her outgoing attitude and willingness to help and give to others, even if it's the smallest thing. If it makes you happy, she'll do her best to do it. She isn't known to anger quickly or hold a grudge, but whenever she has negative emotions, she tends to take them to an extreme, mostly keeping it all to herself.

Whenever she's feeling down or angry, she keeps it to herself, not wanting to bother others but her family with her problems. She tends to avoid the source of the problem, whether it's a friend or coworker. She'll do her best to not talk to them or be around them for too long, not wanting herself to become either more sad or angered with the other. However, she gets over things fairly easily, whether by talking it out with someone or just taking some time to herself. Regardless, she forgets and forgives almost somewhat easily, depending on who it is and the situation.

Altogether, Esperanza is a well rounded person with the interests of others at heart, as well as herself. At the end of the day, when she's done taking of others, she'll finally take care of herself, whether it's a nice quiet night in or a night out with friends and family. 


Born to Abraham Johnson and Beatriz Medina was Esperanza. The family started off in a small town in California, where they resided in a small home a few miles away from a nearby beach. However, they were constantly surrounded by the sounds, smells, and sights of San Clemente, the city in which they resided in. Growing up as a young child, Esperanza was fascinated by the world, as well as what it had to offer and the people that resided in it as well. As a young girl, her world revolved around her parents and school, which two things she loved very much.

However, at school, Esperanza didn’t quite understand her classmates or some of her teachers. She didn’t see why people would mock the way she spoke or how she said certain words. Esperanza was bilingual, seeing as though her mother knew more Spanish than English. Because of this, Esperanza found herself constantly slipping into Spanish at school, to which the teachers would constantly correct her for. As a result, she suffered bullying from her classmates. Her classmates would poke fun at her, calling her random Spanish words and nicknaming her “taco” or “chica”. Despite the bullying, Esperanza was enthusiastic to push through school. While her father helped her mother with learning English, Esperanza made it her duty to learn as much as she could so she could teach her mother English as well. It was hard, due to the bullying and lack of self-confidence because of said bullying. But she had to push through.

However, when fifth grade hit, everything changed. Esperanza began to realize that some of her classmates didn’t quite like her or her mother. One night, at Parent Teacher Conferences, Esperanza’s mother had difficulty in communicating with the teachers. Esperanza and her father would translate what the teachers would say and repeat it all back to her mother in Spanish. The conferences went somewhat smoothly, but Esperanza left somewhat embarrassed. The next day, at school, Esperanza was on the playground when a few kids began to taunt her. Some kids made racist comments, while others stood around and laughed and watched. Overwhelmed and not aware of what was going on exactly, Esperanza’s eyes began to glow a bright white and a form a shield of aura surrounded her body. From the aura came a dragon, which roared at the children bothering her. Upon realizing what had happened, Esperanza ran from school and straight home.

Telling her parents what happened, they were in disbelief at first, assuming Esperanza using a dragon was a metaphor for her standing up for herself finally. When no one seemed to believe her, she just brushed her dragon off as some trick of the light. Not realizing her full potential at first, Esperanza never thought of the dragon anymore and continued her schooling, doing her best to ignore her classmates. After school and in the privacy of her own room, Esperanza would summon her dragon and experiment with it, changing it into all kinds of objects and other creatures, such as scissors, fish, and hammers. In middle school, things changed. The bullying had stopped, as it was pretty childish at that point. Esperanza was confident in both herself and her newfound ability. She began to make more friends and eventually became one of the well-liked, popular kids, much to her disbelief. These were happy times for her, which boosted her confidence and self-esteem. Because of these boosts, Esperanza was more inclined to use her powers at home, eventually learning to control her dragon and all of her creations.

Of course, this time of peace didn’t last very long. After school one day, she was bullied by old classmates who had attended elementary school with her. Both scared and angered, she lashed out at them, causing her psychic powers to emerge. Her powers assumed the role of a dragon again, which not only scared the kids off, but it frightened her as well. Running home with a dragon hanging out of her head, she showed her parents what she was capable of. Explaining to her parents what happened, her father finally sat her down and told her that it was normal that she had these powers. Not quite understanding at first, her father continued, telling her that her powers were hereditary. Her father was once a psychic as well, coming from a family of telepaths and psychics. Somewhat confused still, her father told her that in time, she’ll come to understand her powers. For now, he’d do the best he can to teach her how to control and use her powers, seeing as though she’d taught herself somewhat.

After some thought, her parents decided it’d be best to move out of the town and to a different state, where they could start over. It was a bittersweet thing for Esperanza, however, she was more than happy to be leaving her home.  Once they left California, Esperanza prepared herself to start a new life at Charlesport. At Charlesport, Esperanza attended the local high school. She fit right in and made friends right away. It was tough at first, seeing as though she was a bit of an outsider. However, she allowed herself to open up to others, which benefited here in the end. Esperanza did well in her studies, participated in a few clubs, and had nearly perfect attendance overall.

Her crime fighting began one night after one of her club activities, where she was stopped by a robber on her way home. Unaware of what to do in such a situation, she fought with the robber fist to fist as best as she could before activating her psychic abilities, forming a large fist out of psychic energy and knocking the robber out. After this, she returned home and informed her parents of what happened. She felt a strong sense of justice and fear, wanting to do what was right, but not knowing how to go about it exactly. Taking on the name of Miss Seer, Esperanza began her nightly crime fighting, as long as her chores and homework were done ahead of time.

Throughout the rest of high school, Esperanza did her best to keep up with her studies and social life while secretly crime fighting on the side. Once she graduated, she decided she’d continue her nightly routine, as well as attend school part-time.

Now these days, she works as a student teacher at a local elementary school.


chinese culture

potato salad


tea (any kind, mainly chai tea)

chocolate (preferably dark)




plane rides



large events


rp info:

UM!!! i really like skype as a method, since i’m always online there. google docs is great, since we can add images and make cool text and stuff and plus it’d be easier to find our last posts and again. so yeah, skype and google docs.

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